City Success: Theories of Urban Prosperity (2008)

What is your point of view on how your city will succeed economically? Do you have a theory of success? Is it stated or unstated? And are your decisions consistent with your beliefs about what it will take to succeed?

There has always been a little mystery associated with economic development. CEOs for Cities is working to remove at least some of the uncertainty with its forthcoming publication of “City Success: Theories of Urban Prosperity.”

For the first time, urban policymakers will find an easy-to-follow description of all the theories at work today in urban economic development. They are organized by firms, people and place. The 18 paths to success are accompanied by recommendations on how to use them, as well as a matrix that shows in which areas cities must possess strengths to successfully pursue each path.

City Success: Theories of Urban Prosperity

City Success: Theories of Urban Prosperity

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