The Talent Dividend™

Talent Dividend Northeastern Ohio

If Northeastern Ohio increased its college attainment rate from 25.2 to 26.2 percent, the region would capture a $2.8 billion Talent Dividend. That's 25,637 additional graduates.

Host: Ann Womer Benjamin, NOCHE
Date: Sept. 23, 2009

Talent Dividend Action Plan: Download at the Northeast Ohio Talent Dividend website.

Media: Northeast Ohio's Akron Beacon Journal ran this Editorial on what the region stands to gain by increasing its percentage of college graduates by just one percentage point: $2.8 billion per year, or "roughly the payroll of the Cleveland Clinic."  The piece points out that while many residents are very vocal about the 75 percent graduation rate from Akron Public Schools, the area's higher education institutions have completion rates of as low as 30 percent - a number citizens should be equally concerned about given the direct link between college graduation and economic success.
A new study commissioned by Kent State finds the greatest impact the institution has on the regional economy comes from the college-educated alumi who remain in the region. Read the Akron Beacon Editorial that connects this with the Talent Dividend here.