The Talent Dividend™

The Talent Dividend is part of CEOs for Cities latest research on the City Dividends.  The City Dividends calculates the monetary value to cities and the nation of increasing college attainment rates by one percentage point (Talent Dividend); reducing vehicle miles traveled by one mile per person per day (Green Dividend); and reducing poverty rates by one percentage point (Opportunity Dividend).

If each of the top 51 metros achieved these modest improvements in each of the three dividends, there would be a combined national dividend of $218 billion each year. You can view the full City Dividends report here.

The Talent Dividend defined: Per capita income and college attainment rates are closely correlated. Using data from 2010, each additional percentage point improvement in aggregate adult four-year college attainment is associated with a $856 increase in annual per capita income. Raising the median adult four-year college attainment rate of the top 51 metro areas from 30.7 percent to 31.7 percent would be associated with an increase in income of $143 billion per year for the nation.

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