Change by Us

On July 7, 2011, CEOs for Cities and Local Projects launched Change By Us NYC in partnership with New York City Deputy Mayor for Operations Stephen Goldsmith.

“Change by Us NYC will be a social network for grassroots leaders,” said Deputy Mayor Goldsmith. “New Yorkers have long been active in greening our City and improving our quality of life, and thanks to this new website, volunteers, professionals, and City agencies will have the opportunity to collaborate on issues like sustainability like never before.”

Change By Us is the City’s new website for helping residents connect online and take action toward creating a greener, greater New York. Lots of New Yorkers have ideas about how to make their city better. And Change by Us NYC is a central place for sharing those ideas, creating or joining a project with similar goals and discovering resources from city agencies and community-based organizations. 

The Wall Street Journal called Change By Us "blue sky thinking; the New York Times called it "a green network for New Yorkers."

New Yorkers can sign up directly at or using their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

A Civic Social Network

A shift is underway in the way some Americans define “community” and the tools they have to pursue it. Bolstered by grassroots movements and technology, the ability of people to connect with one another has dramatically accelerated, creating a unique opportunity to redefine community at the citizen level.

Yet public processes in American cities continue to plod along in the old vein of town hall- style community meetings that often end in gridlock and lost opportunities. This tired model frames new city development as a zero-sum game focused on what people may lose and colored in black and white, for or against terms.

Conceived of as a 21st century redefinition of public engagement, Change By Us is a new kind of public dialogue about how to make our cities better. It’s an easy way to share ideas, connect those ideas with change-making community leaders, create projects and make things happen. Change by Us provides the platform for citizens and civic leaders to collectively imagine what a city can be and how it can foster citizen engagement and attachment. 

Change By Us is a collaboration between CEOs for Cities and NYC-based Local Projects and is made possible by support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Case Foundation.  

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