White House “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” Pilot Cities Announced

Three CEOs for Cities partner cities, Cleveland, Detroit, and Memphis, will be placing a renewed emphasis on economic development in the coming months. Each one of only six pilot cities, they will be participating in The White House's Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative, an interagency program that aims to strengthen communities, neighborhoods, towns, and cities by strengthening the capacity of local governments to develop and execute economic visions and strategies. Through public-private partnerships and federal assistance, the cities will build comprehensive community plans that encourage economic growth and job creation.

In Cleveland, the program will focus on enhancing workforce development to maximize economic potential. Partners in Detroit will work to leverage High Speed Rail investment to spur economic revitalization in the downtown corridor. In Memphis, the program will focus on strengthening education and attracting new industry. Strong Cities, Strong Communities hopes to help cities throughout the nation by providing the resources necessary to bolster local economies.

For more information, read the release here.


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