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Urban Agriculture: Pigs in Skyscrapers

John Thackera, author of the terrific book from MIT Press "In the Bubble," posted this item on his Doors of Perception blog...

"If humans can live in skyscrapers, why not pigs and fish? When the Dutch architect Winy Maas first proposed that 600 metre-high skyscrapers, filled with pigs, could supply most of Europe's pork needs, he was accused of proposing 'concentration camps for animals.' But why should agriculture be restricted to the countryside and organized horizontally? Would it not be more efficient, and ecologically sounder, to move food production and consumption closer together?"

In their book, "KM3," Maas and his colleagues designed a hypothetical city that accommodates one million people and all their needs in the most compact form possible. That exercise in the hypothetical has now blossomed into an emerging proposal for a total reshaping of agriculture in Holland. Thackera reports that a Dutch think tank, the Innovation Network for Rural Areas and Agricultural Systems, is proposing the transfer of agricultural production to industrial areas near large populations of people.

Read the full post here.

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