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Richard Florida on the Metabolism of Cities

Richard Florida is back.

His latest book, The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity, came out last week and yesterday he sat down with Smart City to tell us what it’s all about.

Richard believes the key to cities’ economic success is velocity – the speed at which cities move people, goods and ideas. Cities that prosper in the post-crash economy will be those that turn around lost productivity by getting people out of sitting in traffic.


Istanbul?s Residents Say?

If you’re interested in a snapshot of resident sentiments in other parts of the world, here’s a survey of Istanbul’s residents, undertaken by Ipsos for the Urban Age City Survey.

According to the study, Istanbul residents’ top three reasons for liking Istanbul are job opportunities, health services and schools.

And what is their number one concern, ranking above crime rates and cost of living?  Traffic congestion.

Residents see the top three ways to improve quality of life as: working on education, the environment and traffic.