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One Way to Stimulate Visits to Downtown

Got this in the mail today from friends in Cape Town and had to share...

Retail Therapy is not only about shopping, it is also about winning. But why hold an ordinary competition, when we can play games?

Since Monday 23 February, the Internet and the streets of the Central City have been abuzz with the exploits of Jodi and Seano. Seano has hidden a memory stick containing risque photos of his ex-girlfriend Jodi somewhere in the Central City. Jodi, a young model, has offered R20 000 (the proceeds of a returned gift from Seano) as reward. Seano began posting clues on his blog (, while Jodi's hints, tips and other ramblings can be found on her blog (

Find the memory stick and win the reward! A girl's reputation is at stake! And you need the loot for some well-deserved Retail Therapy.

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