Not Surprised by Surprising Increase in City Dwellers

With young adults 30 percent more likely to live within 3 miles of central business districts today (up from 10 percent in 1980 and 12 percent in 1990), access to jobs, educational opportunities, people and ideas, and the fact that new research points to real estate in more walkable neighborhoods holding its value better than in less walkable neighborhoods, (not to mention the inherent advantages of city living: variety, convenience, discovery and opportunity) we were not the least bit surprised to hear that the latest population data point to something we've known for almost a decade: cities are growing. 

That was the lead story in this morning's USA Today and then reported on public radio's Marketplace Morning Report.

Nevertheless, this is welcome news for climate, health, innovation and idea velocity.

Read the full story in USA Today here, and listen to the Marketplace piece by clicking here. You can also read a blog post by Marketplace's Scott Jagow on the story here.

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