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New Report Released on Livability and Economic Growth

Philips recently released Liveanomics: Urban Liveability and Economic Growth, the second of two Economic Intelligence Reports on urbanism. The report examines the importance of livability and the role of business in a successful urban area. While every city is different, FedEx CEO Fred Smith believes that to have any prosperous city, “you have to have both good economies and good quality of life-they feed each other.” The report also finds that city livability is a very important part of forming an attractive economic place. Ultimately, livability and economic development are inextricably tied: livability draws business and “businesses play a central part in developing a city’s quality of life—by investing in the built environment, by funding cultural venues and events and by engaging in other forms of corporate philanthropy.”  The report further supports the importance of both quality of place and quality of opportunity in building a successful urban space. 

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