Mobile Cultural Spaces

Cityspinning, an organization developing a platform to seed new ways of using public and unused spaces with a series of interventions in Bangalore and Delhi, is exploring how mobile cultural spaces might help make a city “less alienating and fragmented”.

The results of a competition, in which artists and architects from around the world were invited to submit their design proposals for a mobile cultural space, are now being shown in the exhibition Spirited Caravans.

“This process was initiated to understand some ways of using the existing infrastructure in the city in parasitic and symbiotic ways for a decentralized cultural program which is in the midst of where people live, work and play. As part of this process a mobile cultural space called the DOT is being designed.”

It’s an interesting approach to looking at how our cultural spaces can fit in with our neighborhoods and underused city spaces to engage people in different ways and respond to the community around them.

The Porous City project, which put out the initial call for entries, “is an effort of seeking out alternative cultural spaces. Spaces ?which are living,? ?are in the midst of us,? ?are textured with inconsistency, are more open,? ?welcoming and approachable.?”

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