Great Ideas from Around the World: And a Giveaway!

There are so many great initiatives, projects, and approaches to be found in cities all throughout our planet. We found a few to share with you, and would love for you to share some with us as well! We also know that everyone loves a giveaway, so we've decided to incorporate sharing these ideas with the chance to win a free printed copy of our City Vitals 2.0 Report:

There are two ways you can enter into the contest: 

  1. Follow our Twitter page and tweet us your favorite example with the hashtag #CityIdeas or 
  2. Like us and share your idea on our Facebook Page

Entries must be in by Sunday, January 13 at 5:00pm-- and we'll pick one entry at random to win the free report. We'll also publish everyone's ideas (credited to the contributor) on our blog after the contest closes so everyone has access to these wonderful ideas! 

Here are some examples to get you inspired: 

Have fun! We're looking forward to seeing what amazing ideas you all find!

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