City Valentines

If cities gave out Valentines, what would they say? We took a quick stab at it-- so you can share or give them to the thought leaders and city advocates in your life! What would your City Valentine say? Tweet us with the hashtag #CityValentine or post on our Facebook timeline and we'll pick one to create and post on our blog tomorrow! 

It's important that cities show love for their people as well as people showing love for their cities! Show love for your city!

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For the transit lover in your life-- a Valentine that expresses appreciation for greener travel and bringing people into the urban core. 

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Love makes the world go round, but our roads, sewer lines, and electrical posts certainly help! They all probably need some love also... 

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Density has many advantages-- from the environment to innovation. While love can be sprawling, who doesn't love to get cozy?

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We here at CEOs for Cities love our benchmarking. Share this card with the data enthusiast in your life, and also send them our City Vitals 2.0 report

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...literally! I'm sure all of our cities would appreciate a few more people in their hearts. 

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We hope you enjoyed! 


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