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The Power of City Dividends

Change is happening across America from the bottom up. Read more about how cities and metro regions are shaping America's future at Code for America.


ICW’s State-Specific Postsecondary Ed. Report Cards: Continuing the Conversation about Higher Ed.

Yesterday, Tuesday June 19th, The Institute for a Competitive Workforce (ICW), held an event releasing the 3rd edition of its Leaders & Laggards series, A State-by-State Report Card on Public Postsecondary Education. The report analyzes the performance of different state public higher education systems and assigns letter grades to each state according to their outcome, identifying the best performers and those who have fallen behind. In addition to highlighting successful state practices, the report includes recommendations for what states performing poorly can do to improve select performance areas.
   The Leaders & Laggards Report grades states on:
      1. Student Access & Success
      2. Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness
      3. Meeting Labor Market Demand
      4. Transparency & Accountability
      5. Policy Environment
      6. Innovation
The overall objective of the report is to “arm readers with information that gives them a clear-eyed view of how state systems of higher education compare with one another on a host of outcome, efficiency, and policy measures”.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce estimated that “by 2018 more than 60% of American…