A New American Dream

The Great Reset, Richard Florida's latest book, takes on the fundamental ways of American life that are no longer sustainable. Namely, he believes (and we agree) that as a country, we went overboard with the push for every American to own a home.

A better balance of rental housing with homeownership makes communities more flexible and resilient to economic downturns. In fact, Richard's research shows that metro areas with the highest rates of homeownership typically had worse economic outcomes across the board than did metros with lower rates. They also reported lower levels of well-being and happiness.

These unintended negative consequences on our quality of life are a result of an outdated policy paradigm that CEOs for Cities is challenging with its US Initiative. We intend to bring into very clear focus how communities can define a new American dream that delivers opportunity, connectivity, community, livability and optimism -- fundamental values of The Great Reset.

To listen to the full interview with Richard Florida on Smart City Radio, click here.

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