About CEOs for Cities

CEOs for Cities  is the only national nonprofit organization with an ongoing national network of cross-sector, cross-generation urban leaders focused on making cities more connected, innovative, and talented and investing in your city’s distinctive assets.

  • We Curate smart ideas for city success through the framework of our City Vitals.
  • We Connect cross-sector changemakers through our City Clusters.
  • We Catalyze collaborative change through our City Dividends.

While Washington postures and argues, change is happening across America from the bottom up.  The laboratories of this change are cities and surrounding metro regions. In an era where federal and state governments are increasingly hyper-partisan and dysfunctional, budgets are tight, and the world is evolving at lightning speed, it is critical for cities and metropolitan regions to take control not only of their futures but the nation’s future. Cities are big enough to make an impact and small enough to make things happen quickly and effectively.

The future belongs to those cities and regions who can frame their opportunities and challenges, act in ways that demonstrate measurable progress, and connect and engage with the smartest people and the smartest ideas in the most places and in the most ways. In the words of Steve Jobs, the cities and regions that “tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires” will be the ones that change their future.

“Knowledge is more valuable than ever, and that has increased the value of learning from people in other cities.”

Harvard Professor Ed Glaeser
Author, Triumph of the City
Member, Global Advisory Council, CEOs for Cities

“To maintain their edge, U.S. Cities will need…to connect and collaborate with each other.”

Urban America: US Cities in the Global Economy,
McKinsey Global Institute, April 2012