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No city or region lacks talent, but most lack a vehicle for connecting with talent and ideas in other cities and regions. CEOs for Cities is a national network of cross-sector, cross-generation leaders, committed to connecting members with one another and with smart ideas for making cities more connected, innovative, talented and distinctive.

2014 Membership Dues:

Organization/Business: $1,000
Individual - $595
Young and Restless (Under 35) - $95
City Cluster (10 members) - $10,000
Existing Cluster - $500 (See if your city has an existing cluster.)
Cluster memberships are $1,000/member for the first 10 members, $500 for each additional member. 
For example: $10,000 for 10 members, $12,500 for 15 members, $15,000 for 20 members.

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Membership Benefits

Discounted registration fees to CEOs for Cities events:

  • Up to $250 Discount on Spring Workshop (based on dates of registration)
  • Up to $750 Discount on Fall National Meeting (based on dates of registration)
  • One free or discounted registration per individual or organization

Free access to and participation in:

  • City Dividend Prize Challenge (Clusters only)
  • All CEOs for Cities Research Reports
  • Newsletter
  • Webinars
  • Industry/Topic Google Hangouts
  • Social Chats
  • National Membership Network
  • Website Resource Pages (e.g. success stories, case studies, ideas, practices, meeting summaries, presentations and videos)
  • Discounts on events, products and services from CEOs for Cities partners

City Cluster Opportunities

In addition to the benefits listed above, City Clusters have free access to and opportunities to participate in:

  • City Dividend Prize Challenge
  • City Cluster Workshop
  • Guest speakers for local City Cluster meetings and events
  • Hosting a National Meeting, City Cluster Workshop or summit in your city
  • Presenting at National Meetings or City Cluster Workshops
  • Discounted CEOs for Cities consulting services

Membership Levels Comparison

Membership level comparison